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Nursery Rhyme & Fairy Tale topper & mat templates CD1086

This CD contains files for 46'.fcm' 'Horses R Us' topper templates
Plus 1 '.PDF' introduction & images file
Plus 1 '.PDF' step-by-step pictorial tutorial on how
to transfer the templates from the CD onto your Brother ScanNCut & also to the 'cloud' based Brother CANVAS software
Plus 1 'PDF' Template Quick reference guide

The CD comprises 46 '.fcm' 'Horses R Us' topper templates.
There is also:
-1 '.PDF' photo introduction file showing the finished templates & lots of hints & tips.

The The templates are: (width x height)

Alice & Friends:
Alice 71mm x 125mm (2.8" x 5")
March Hare 51mm x 104mm (2" x 4.1")
Mad Hatter 88mm x 125mm (3.5" x 5" )

Cinderella 88mm x 110mm (3.5" x 4.3)
Cow over the Moon 103mm x 125mm (4" x 5")

Dick Whittington:
Dick 50mm x 110mm (2" x 4.3")
Cat 50mm x 51mm (2" x 2")
Road sign 60mm x 62mm (2.4" x 2.5")

Dish & the Spoon:
Dish 83mm x 101mm (3.3" x 4")
Spoon 67mm x 94mm (2.6" x 3.7")

Dog Laughed 80mm x 100mm (3.1" x 4")
Fairy 62mm x 110mm (2.4" x 4.3")
Fairy 2 73mm x 100mm (3" x 4")
Fairy Castle 92mm x 130mm (3.6" x 5.1")
Fairy Godmother 95mm x 125mm (3.7" x 5")
Genie 88mm x 115mm (3.5" x 4.5")

Goldilocks & 3 Bears:
Goldilocks 55mm x 90mm (2.2" x 3.5")
Daddy Bear 58mm x 95mm (2.3" x 3.7")
Mummy Bear 41mm x 90mm (1.6" x 3.5")
Baby Bear 34mm x 68mm (1.3" x 2.7")

Goosey Goosey Gander:
Goosey 63mm x 73mm (2.4" x 2.9")
Stairs 75mm x 100mm (3" x 4")

Hey Diddle Diddle 125mm x 113mm (5" x 4.4")
Hickory Dickory Dock 67mm x 150mm (2.6" x 6")
Humpty Dumpty 100mm x 125mm (4" x 5")
Jack & Jill 130mm x 109mm (5.1" x 4.3")

Jack & the Beanstalk:
Jack 43mm x 75mm (1.7" x 3")
Beanstalk 67mm x 128mm (2.6" x 5")

Lady in a Shoe:
Lady 47mm x 75mm (1.9" x 3")
Shoe 125mm x 116mm (5" x 4.6")

Little Bo Peep:
Bo Peep 65mm x 115mm (2.6" x 4..6")
Sheep 61mm x 53mm (2.4" x 2")

Mary Quite Contrary 150mm x 82mm (6" x 3.2")
Mermaid 110mm x 104mm (4.3" x 4")

Miss Muffet:
Miss Muffet 85mm x 110mm (3.3" x 4.3")
Spider 60mm x 32mm (2.4" x 1.3")

Mother Hubbard:
Mother 84mm x 100mm (3.2" x 4")
Dog 41mm x 47mm (1.6" x 1.9")

Pinocchio 82mm x 115mm (3.2" x 4.6")
Prince & Princess 95mm x 125mm (3.7" x 5")
Princess Carriage 150mm x 54mm (6" x 2")
Rapunzel 80mm x 125mm (3.2" x 5")

Red Riding Hood:
Riding Hood 58mm x 100mm (2.3" x 4")
Wolf 100mm x 49mm (4" x 2")
House 84mm x 90mm (3.2" x 3.5")

Tooth Fairy 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4" )
The mats are 2mm (approx 1/16") larger all round

All ScanNCut CDs now include a 'PDF' Templates quick reference guide. This shows descriptions/thumbnail images of all the templates on the CD. This guide can be viewed or printed out by you to see the finished templates at a glance.

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