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Classic car silhouette card templates CD1032

This CD contains files for:
10 ScanNCut '.fcm' Classic car silhouette card & insert templates
1 '.PDF' introduction, instruction & Photo file
Plus 1 'PDF' Template Quick reference guide

The CD comprises 10 Classic Car silhouette card & insert templates. We have chosen 10 of the most recognisable Classic Cars. The cards include the 10 Classic Car silhouettes and an insert for each card. Each card also includes cut out text of the Car's make/model.

The cars are Aston Martin DB5 (Iconic James Bond car), BMC Mini (The original and iconic mini car), E Type Jaguar (Ranked as one of the most beautiful cars of all time), Ferrari (The most recognisable brand with the 'prancing horse' logo), Ford Capri MK1 (Introduced into Europe in 1969 as an affordable fastback Coupé), Ford Model T (Henry Ford's mega successful mass produced 'affordable' car), Morris Minor (A classic 'economy car' designed by Alec Issigonis), Porsche 911 (Iconic luxury 2 door sports Coupé), Reliant Regal (Del Boy's van in Only Fools & Horses) & VW Beetle (The longest running and most manufactured single design platform car anywhere in the world).

All ScanNCut CDs now include a 'PDF' Templates quick reference guide. This shows descriptions/thumbnail images of all the templates on the CD. This guide can be viewed or printed out for you to see the finished templates at a glance.

The cards are 127mm x 177mm (approx 5"x7")

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