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Wineglass LED Tealight Lampshade templates CD1020

This CD contains files for:
25 ScanNCut '.fcm' Wineglass LED Tealight Lampshade templates
1 '.PDF' introduction, instruction & Photo file
Plus 1 'PDF' Template Quick reference guide

The CD comprises 25 different Wineglass LED Tealight Lampshade templates.

During the Victorian era, decorative candle shades were used while entertaining to soften the harsh shadows thrown by candlelight. Mood lighting is still in practice today, though LED tea lights are more popular for modern uses. A prime example of this ongoing trend is the light that is often waiting for you at the centre of many restaurant tables.  These LED tea light lamp shades continue an old tradition but with a contemporary twist.

The Lampshade templates are sized to fit various shaped and sized wine glasses.
The photos in this listing are embellished for presentation purposes (embellishments and LED tealights NOT included). The shades shown are cut using vellum as it is translucent and easy to mould.

All ScanNCut CDs now include a 'PDF' Templates quick reference guide. This shows descriptions/thumbnail images of all the templates on the CD. This guide can be viewed or printed out for you to see the finished templates at a glance.

They are for use with LED battery operated tealights ONLY.

The templates are various sizes

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