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Spirelli templates CD79

This CD contains files for 80 '.GSD' Spirelli templates, 1 '.PDF' introduction and photo file and 1 basic tutorial file

The CD comprises 80 Spirelli templates. Spirelli is a also known as Dutch String Art. It needs one of these templates and any form of thread. eg string, wool, cotton, etc (NOT included). The variation of finished threaded designs is massive and all can be achieved from these basic geometrical form templates.
The templates fall into the following categories:Round, Oval, Square, Rectangular and Hexagonal.
In each category there are 4 types of template:Spikes, Holey Spikes, Flat Edges and Scallops. Each type has 4 templates with a different number of grooves..That makes 80 Spirelli templates in total.The templates are approximately 3"x2" (75mmx50mm) for oval and rectangular templates and 3" (75mm) for round, square and hexagonal templates

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